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Roof Console Sunglasses Holder Switch Panel | 15-22 colorado / canyon

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Replace your roof console sunglasses holder with a switch panel!

Requires no drilling to fit the panel, and most switch system harnesses fit through factory holes in console. Panels can be sanded smooth and painted for a better finish by customer if so desired. Other custom variations can be made by request and are case-by-case. Will withstand high heat of in cab temperatures in hot climates. 

Made from 3d printed PETG at a 0.2mm layer height. Pushes in and stays with friction and adhesive tape.

Comes in raw finish

Able to be sanded and painted

Some custom requests can be accommodated. Please contact us to discuss feasibility.


2015-2022 Chevy Colorado & ZR2 with sunglass holder

2015-2022 GMC Canyon with sunglass holder

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