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PerryParts Off Road Bump Stops | Rear | 15+ Colorado / Canyon

Regular price $125.00

The new PerryParts Bumpstops are the most advanced bumpstops on the market!

With Adaptive Compression Damping, and a Variable-Density Progressive Architecture, they provide the best bottom out protection while remaining soft and comfortable for everyday 4x4 activities.

We believe that we've created a robust, long lasting solution... that's why we're also offering a 2 year no questions asked warranty on these bumpstops. All sets sold include a no-questions asked warranty. If you're able to break your bumpstops, send them back and we'll ship you new ones!

Liability disclaimer:

By installing these aftermarket bump stops on your vehicle you assume all risk and liability. Seller will not be held liable for any damages or losses associated with the installation or use of this product for any reason.


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