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Old Man Emu Suspension Lift Kit - 1" | 15-22 colorado / canyon

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Old Man Emu (OME) Suspension Systems:

Determining the right solution for your vehicle and your requirements demands special attention to many factors. OME offers a range of tuned and matched integrated suspension systems to ensure the right suspension is available to suit how the vehicle is outfitted and the conditions it will encounter.

Design & Development:

The OME engineers initial evaluation of the new Chevrolet Colorado revealed a very firm, controlled ride when configured in the OE trim. This provided the opportunity to explore tuning for comfort and control in various loading scenarios. OME’s newly developed range will provide a plush ride over both on-and off-road slow speed terrain, but still provide vehicle stability when a high speed maneuverer is required. In order to accommodate for vehicles with various loads OME has developed a wide spectrum of strut and spring combinations to provide industry-leading load carrying ride comfort combination possible.

For optimal ride performance, a complete suspension systems is recommended. However, there is an opportunity to fit front coils, struts, and rear shock absorbers as a leveling kit. This configuration will accommodate a winch and bumper combination while lifting or leveling the front suspension height. A leveling kit will maintain the rear height while improving ride quality through the fitment of OME struts and shocks.

Front Suspension


Factory geometry allows for a 1” lift and still maintains an adequate level of droop. Three spring options were chosen to cater for vehicles with factory bumper and with aftermarket bumper and winch setups. Specific kits have been developed for both gas and diesel models. In addition, a 5mm trim packer is available to assist with the fine tuning of ride heights and trimming the vehicle from side to side.


The newly-tuned strut resulted in a compliant yet controlled ride with particular improvement in isolation of small inputs and road texture as well as larger inputs from various speed bump profiles, pot holes and road features.

Rear Suspension

Shock Absorbers:

Two new rear shock absorbers have been developed with particular attention to controlling the vehicle both with and without payloads. Numerous combinations of valving were tested in order to determine the best possible spring and shock absorber combination based on potential payload scenarios. As a result the best possible configuration of ride comfort and vehicle control was achieved.

Kit Includes:

2 x Front Coil Spring

2 x Front Strut

2 x Rear Shocks

2 x Leaf Spring (All Kits include Medium Duty)


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