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Deaver Spring Expedition Leaf Pack +2in | 15+ Colorado / Canyon

SKU: M66 - V450
Regular price $1,049.99


Deaver Progressive Series springs are high-quality 8-leaf to10-leaf units fabricated with high grade 5160 “American Made” steel. A higher leaf count spring allows the use of thinner leaf material that yields a more flexible progressive leaf stack, or pyramid, producing a much smoother spring rate curve throughout the complete suspension cycle. The even, linear compression rate curve of our progressive system spring is the primary key to excellent ride quality.

The Expedition Leaf Pack provides additional payload capacity for all your gear and provides 1.5-2" of lift on non-ZR2 models. Retains stock height with the elimination of the lift block on a ZR2. If you would like to gain 1-1.25" of additional lift - we recommend re-using the factory lift block.

This kit is ideal for those with 350-700lbs of constant weight in the bed.

Other designs features include:

  • Full military-wrapped spring eyes for superior durability
  • Diamond cut inner leaf ends minimizing shear points
  • Anti-friction pads inserted between the leafs for a smoother ride and quiet operation.


2 x Deaver M66 Heavy Duty Leaf Packs
2 x Bushing Kits
2 x Leaf Spring Mounting Bolts (prevents need to drop fuel tank)
4 x U-Bolts w/ nuts and washers
2 x Packs of silicone grease

Combined with properly valved shock absorbers, the ride is enhanced beyond belief.

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