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BedRug Classic Bed Mat | 2023+ Colorado / Canyon

Regular price $179.95

  • Durable yet comfortable polypropylene fiber construction
  • Soft, carpet-like finish
  • Slip and skid-resistant
  • Knee-friendly 3/4" polypropylene foam cushion
  • Waterproof, chemical, UV, and stain resistant
  • Won't absorb water, mold, or mildew
  • Compatible with other truck bed accessories
  • Vehicle-specific fitment
  • Tailgate Mat Available (sold separately)
  • USA-made
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Are you tired of finding fresh dings, dents, and scratches in your pickup's bed? Protect the factory-painted surface with a high-quality bed mat from BedRug, which offers exceptional durability, a soft carpet-like finish, and maximum bed floor protection!

This premium bed mat is manufactured entirely from durable polypropylene, including a soft fiber outer layer and a 3/4-inch thick polypropylene mat for added comfort. This material is highly durable, resisting impacts, abrasions, and chemicals, including oil, battery acid, bleach, and gasoline. It’s also non-skid, preventing your valuable cargo from sliding around the bed while driving.

The BedRug Classic Bed Mat features a precise, vehicle-specific fitment. Installing the mat is as easy as removing it from the packaging, cleaning and prepping the bed floor, affixing the included hook-and-loop fasteners, and dropping it into place!

Cleaning the BedRug Classic Bed Mat is just as easy. Considering it's engineered explicitly for outdoor use with integrated UV inhibitors and low absorbency materials, the bed mat won't fade, hold water, mold, or mildew. After a dirty job, hose off the mat and allow the moisture to drain through existing holes in your pickup’s bed. Once dry, your BedRug Classic Bed Mat will be as good as new!

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