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AEV 4" Kinetic Strap

SKU: 80808023AA
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AEV’s 30-foot kinetic Recovery Strap is a robust recovery tool, perfectly suited for freeing a vehicle that is stuck in deep mud, sand, snow, or silt. Unlike a traditional tow chain, which can recoil dangerously if it snaps or breaks loose, this nylon web sling will stretch under load, using its own kinetic energy to help dislodge the stuck vehicle.

AEV is dedicated to bringing more safety and continuity to the recovery gear that 4WD enthusiasts around the world rely on to get out of these potentially hazardous or life threatening situations and this is the only Recovery Strap in the aftermarket that complies with industrial rigging standards. To further maximize the service life of this Recovery Strap, a unique edge guard was added for improved protection against cuts and abrasion.

Part Number Dimensions Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) Working Load Limit (WLL)
80808023AA 4″x30′ 39,200 LBS (17,780 KG) 9,800 LBS (2,722 KG)

Please Note: Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) is the minimum force necessary to cause a recovery device to break or fail. Working Load Limit (WLL) is the recommended maximum force a recovery device is intended to safely support, when the force is applied in-line and through the centerline of the device. The WLL is calculated by dividing the Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) by a safety factor that is generally around 4-to-1. For example, the AEV Snatch Block has an MBS of 52,000 LBS, so when divided by a safety factory of 4-to-1, the WLL becomes 13,000 LBS.

Tech Specs:

Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 39,200 LBS (17,780 KG)
Working Load Limit (WLL): 9,800 LBS (4,445 KG)
Material: Nylon

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