Old Man Emu Suspension Leaf Spring Kit

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The new Colorado leaf spring was designed with an emphasis on ride comfort with and without a payload which has led to two types of load dependent leaf designs:

Medium loads (0lb to GVM, optimal performance at loads of 0-660lbs)

Heavy Load, constant 660lb (660lbs to GVM, optimal performance at loads of 660lbs plus)

An optional Extra Leaf (XL) was developed to cater for expedition vehicle setups that are under a heavy constant load.Consideration was taken for fitment of these aftermarket leaf springs as the front eye leaf spring bolt requires removal of the fuel tank. To make fitment easier, a leaf spring bolt kit (FK91) is included. It is far quicker and easier to cut off the original bolt and fit the FK91 rather than removing the fuel tank.

Kit contains:

Leaf Springs x 2

Bushing Kit x 2

U bolts x 4

Fit Kit x 1

Rear Trim Packer x 1


XL Leaf insert x 2